Morning Star Midwifery & Women’s Health offers women midwifery care from Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs). CNMs are Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) that specialize in caring for women throughout their life-span. CNMs must graduate from a master’s or higher-level nurse-midwifery education program and pass the national Certified Nurse-Midwife Examination. Additionally, they must obtain a state license to practice.

Morning Star Midwifery & Women’s Health provides an alternative healthcare option for women in southwestern South Dakota and eastern Wyoming. Prenatal care (pregnancy care), postpartum care, and women’s health care is provided in the office setting, whereas care for labor and birth are provided in the comfort of your own home.



Morning Star Midwifery & Women’s Health regards pregnancy and birth as a normal, physiologic process in a woman’s life. We do not view pregnancy or birth as a pathologic/disease process that needs to be controlled or requires interventions. Therefore, we encourage labor and birth to occur spontaneously and unfold as God designed. However, we recognize that pregnancy and birth can become abnormal and require medical intervention; consequently, we are committed to remain vigilant when assessing women and newborns.


Morning Star Midwifery & Women’s Health is committed to providing quality, individualized care to women.  We regard all women as valuable, worthy, and capable of making informed healthcare decisions.  We desire to be compassionate healthcare partners and advocates, and aim to facilitate women in obtaining information and resources needed to empower them in making informed healthcare decisions that align with their core beliefs and values.